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Surgery & Dental Procedures

Your pet will need to be fasted the night before any surgery or dental procedure.  Please do NOT give food or treats after midnight on the night before the scheduled surgery, and NO food the day of the procedure.  Water is okay for your pet up until the time you bring them to the clinic.

Pre-anesthetic bloodwork is highly recommended and required for patients over 5 years of age due to any unforeseen or unknown risk to the patient while being put under anesthesia.  We will ask your permission for this prior to surgical admission as long as the Doctors do not deem it mandatory.

Animals released the same day of their surgical procedure will generally be ready to go after 4pm and must be picked up before closing, or an additional boarding fee may be applied.

We try our best to contact you during your pet's recovery time to give you an idea of when they will be ready for discharge, but unexpected emergencies or a heavy load of surgeries may delay that process until we have someone available to call.

If we cannot reach you, WE WILL LEAVE YOU A VOICEMAIL with instructions on when to pick up your pet.

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