RCVS Fun Fotos

"what black dog?"

Dr. Cally & Lauren still smiling through 2020!

Dr. Sam loves this big lapdog!

Carrots has no regard for personal space!

If you rub yourself in goat urine, you must accept the consequences!

Veterinary work is NOT as glamorous as we make it look!

Jodi's favorite gift of all for Grayson

Dr. Coe is looking very guilty!

Safety First, Carrots!

Troi just being Troi LOL

Practicing for his 'Cat Fancy' cover shoot.

Our Technicians can do it ALL!

Lauren being sweet ... or is she sleeping on the job?

Hazel loves "bring your daughter to work day"!

Crabby Carrots ruining the picture LOL

Updating the wall art LOL

Dr. Cally's pup is very bored!

Brittany & Laura being weird (as usual)

Carrots, the one & only Lion King

Brinah, Dr. Cally & Cheyenne have a Salon session.

Now that's scary!

"How meow help you"?

Laura's boy, Zeke, learns how to keep the frisbee to himself.

Dani with a real live pig-in-a-blanket ;)

Carrots is demanding when he wants attention.

Laura's "kids" playing hide-n-seek

Sidney sneaks a catnap ;)

... she was so young.

Brittany with her fur-baby, Nessie

Edwin & Dr. Sam on a farm call.

Which one's not paying attention in the staff mtg?

Annette's dog, Blair, sound asleep

Lauren & Brinah being photo-bombed by Brittany

Erin with her favorite reasons to work here <3

Dr. Cally being ... normal!

The THREE Bosses

Cheers! from Laura & Troi

"What have these mice been eating!?!"

We may be working these ladies too hard!

Dr. Coe & Edwin wait out the rain in a calf pen!

Brittany & Dr. Sam eat beets to make super cool purple smiles

Dani getting love from baby goat, Kam


!! Whew !! what a long day