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Fun at R.C.V.S.

McDonald's has another nugget addict!

Jam & Dr. Andrew crack each other up

Hazel loves "bring your daughter to work day"!

We love our silly Boarding friends!

Fun with Feces!

"What black dog? I don't see any black dog."

Dr. Sam loves this big lapdog!

Addie sure does enjoy her fettuccini!

Carrots has no regard for personal space!

Hi-Ho neighbor!

Photo Bomber Extraordinaire

Jodi's favorite gift of all for Grayson

Selfies with Sam

Safety First, Carrots!

Now that's scary!

Will you take kisses for payment?

Things 1 & 2 are here to help you! ;)

Christmas antics

Troi just being Troi

Practicing for his 'Cat Fancy' cover shoot.

Laura has watched too much Wheel of Fortune

"How meow help you"?

Christmas-time is fun time!

Veterinary work is NOT as glamorous as we make it look!

Brittany & Laura being weird (as usual)

Carrots & Sarah work well together

Carrots, the one & only Lion King

We are going to get your weight, no matter what!

Carrots is demanding when he wants attention.

"What have these mice been eating!?!"

Brittany with her fur-baby, Nessie

Edwin & Dr. Sam on a farm call.

The THREE Bosses

Cheers! from Laura & Troi

Needle-Felting Carrots' Hair!

Dr. Coe & Edwin wait out the rain in a calf pen!

Brittany & Dr. Sam eat beets to make super cool purple smiles


!! Whew !! what a long day

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