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House Call Services

We know it can sometimes be difficult and stressful to get your pet to the Vet, i.e, very large working dogs or dogs with aggression issues.  For this reason, we offer house call examinations for wellness and vaccines ON A LIMITED BASIS.  You will need to contact our Hebron clinic and discuss your particular needs with our staff.


If you are interested in a house call for a sick or injured pet, some of these issues can be addressed in the comfort of your home as well, depending on the situation.  Please call to discuss your concerns and also receive an estimate of cost and to determine if a home visit is feasible. 


Please remember, some situations are best addressed at the Clinic, so we are here to help you make that decision with advice from our Doctors.

In some cases, we can provide transportation to the Clinic for diagnostics or treatment, but these arrangements must be made in advance with the Doctor on call.

We want to provide the best care for your pet, while making it convenient for you, but our overall concern is your pet's health and well-being.

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