Our Team Members



The Top  Dog  Cat 

IMG_E9196 (1).jpg

Carrots  may be the smallest employee, but he just happens to be the coolest cat in the Clinic.

Carrots came to us in 2014 as a rescue from Licking County Humane Society.  He needed to have his left eye surgically removed due to a possible accident making it painful and useless.  When he came back for a check-up on his eye, we also performed x-rays and realized his hip had been broken, but had already healed, leaving him with rear legs that are set a little closer together than normal.  We kept him a few more days for observation, but his mellow personality awarded him run of the Clinic for exercise, and he decided that he didn't want to leave us.


He rules our Clinic with an iron paw, tearing up the reception area furniture when we forget to trim his nails in time.  He is, however, a Fair & Just Boss and never plays favorites with his team members; anyone can give him cuddles and pets without prejudice.  He has also proven himself a very good therapeutic cat and seems to know when one of his people need extra snuggles.

This little orange guy rules all of us with his purrfect purrsonality, and we wouldn't have it any other way.




Registered Veterinary Technicians


Brittany received her Associate's Degree for Veterinary Technology at Kent State University Tuscarawas in 2011.  She highly enjoys working with animals and does her best to make them feel as loved inside the clinic atmosphere as they do inside their homes.


Brittany is our Practice Manager and helps the Doctors stay organized and works closely with them to keep the Clinic running smoothly.

Brittany and her husband, Ross, have one daughter named Kathleen.  Of course, they also have rescued pets; Nessie, their adorable little Heinz 57 dog, and Janie, an elderly Beagle they adopted after a long-time client passed away.  They also share their lives with 3 cats named Spanky, Patches and Schmegal. 

When Brittany is not at work and not wrangling her kiddo, she enjoys down time with reading, crocheting or beekeeping!


Sidney earned her Associate Degree in Veterinary Technology from the Bradford School.  She works in surgery and helps the doctors during appointments in the office, and also on their farm call appointments, but she is most famous for spoiling our clinic cat, Carrots.  She keeps him well stocked in treats and takes him home over holiday breaks (and some weekends) so he won't get too lonely.

Sidney also spoils her own animals, which include 4 horses (Kaye, Brandy, Logan and Tank), 3 dogs (Dixie, Daphnie and Darby), 4 barn cats and a lot of chickens.  Growing up, Sidney was always involved in 4-H where she showed horses and pigs.  She continues her equine passion by trail riding or training and competing in barrel racing events whenever time permits.


Brinah is a graduate of the Vet Tech Institute at Bradford School with an Associates of Applied Science in Veterinary Technology.  Her Technician duties include all levels of care in our Clinic, including helping the large animal doctors on farm appointments.  She currently lives with her family and loves to watch (and play) softball or baseball, and cheers for her 4 siblings in their school activities.

Brinah's animal family includes a Belgian-Draft horse named Misty that was rescued from a slaughter-house; 2 pitty pups named Wiggles and Koda; a cat named Fridge, and 2 kittens named Hoss & Kroger, that were dropped in her yard tied up in a plastic Kroger shopping bag!

In her spare time, you'll find Brinah on the hiking trail with Wiggles, or riding Misty on a horse trail.


Lauren is another graduate of the Vet Tech Institute at Bradford School and received her Associates Degree in Applied Science in 2019.  You'll see Lauren's smiling face during scheduled office appointments while she assists the Doctors, but she is also behind the scenes helping with surgeries, dentals and emergencies.

Lauren's pet population at home include 2 Chihuahua's named Teagan & Percy.  She acquired Percy from Licking Co. Humane Society after she fell in love with his face and personality while he was at our Clinic to be neutered.  She recently welcomed a Golden Retriever puppy named Emerson.  She also has 5 cats at home named Willow, Aurora, Dove, Hope & Penelopea.  Hope & Penelopea are both rescued kittens that may never grow old, but she is giving them a loving home for the remainder of their lives.

When she's outside of work, Lauren loves spending time with her fiance', Brandon, and going for walks with her dogs, or just being with her family and pets at home.


Cheyenne comes to us as a graduate of the Vet Tech Institute at Bradford School.  She received her Associates Degree in Applied Science in 2017.  Cheyenne works closely with the Doctors and her fellow Technicians to make our patients and their Owners receive the best possible experience from their visit.

Cheyenne has her share of pets, including a rescued hound dog named Melvin, and Blue the Border Collie, that her family got when she was 11.  She has 2 shelter cats named Drew and Squirrel, and there is also a mini pony named Midge, a mini pig named Bitsy, and 2 Leopard Geckos named Toothless & Hiccup that share her home.

Between caring for Squirrel's special needs heart condition and learning as much as she can about improving Gecko habitat and husbandry needs, she works with her pony, takes walks with her pig and dogs, and trains them all to be good citizens.  

When she has extra time, Cheyenne enjoys knitting poorly (LOL), or just spending time with her fiance, Hunter, and going to movies or riding horses.



Veterinary Assistants


Edwin hails from Peru and studied Veterinary Medicine at the National University of Cajamarca.  He worked for five years after graduation in a Veterinary Hospital where he met his wife, Jessica, while she was volunteering in the Peace Corps. 

After moving to the United States in 2015, he married Jessica, and they now have two beautiful twins, Benjamin & Elena.  They also have three cats at home named Jake, Leonard and Oscar.


Edwin now works in our Hebron Clinic alongside our Doctors to continue his education during farm calls, surgeries and office appointments.  When Edwin is not at work, he enjoys running, playing soccer and cooking his native Peruvian food for his family.  He and his family also raise Quail together for their eggs.


Jamilya originally joined us at our Pataskala location, but recently transferred to our Hebron clinic to begin training as a Veterinary Assistant.  She is knowledgable in all aspects of our two locations, and can do everything from helping the Doctors, Technicians, and the Front Desk staff, or assisting with Boarding pets at the Kennel if necessary. 

Jamilya is a graduate of Heath High School, and she is currently enrolled in Penn Foster's Veterinary Technician program.  Her favorite things to do when she isn't studying or working, are catching up on sleep or spending time with her friends and family.  Her own pets also keep her quite busy; including 2 dogs named Dora & Gilbert, a Hedgehog named Felix, 2 Leopard Geckos named Swiper & Rafael, and a Bearded Dragon, named ... Dragon  ;)


Lucy started with us in 2020.  Her recent Bachelors Degree in Agricultural & Animal Sciences from The Ohio State University is the stepping stone to fulfill her lifetime love of animals, and her dream to become a Zoo Veterinarian.

Lucy shares her life with her dog, Wylie, a heeler/husky mix and 3 cats named Bolin, Honey & Nibbler; all adopted as strays or adopted through Licking County Humane Society.  Along with the 4-legged family members, she also lives with her parents and younger brother, Jimmy.

When Lucy isn't working or studying, you'll most likely find her hiking or driving with Wylie and exploring our buckeye state.


Sarah is looking forward to graduating from Columbus State Community College with her Associate of Applied Science in Veterinary Technology later in 2021.  She began her internship with us and decided to stay while she continues her schooling.


Sarah lives with 3 dogs and 2 cats.  Mia & Emma are Golden Retrievers, Bella is a Miniature Dachshund, and Simon & Scarlet are both rescue cats.  Sarah and her Mom raised Simon on a bottle because she was found abandoned in their goat barn when she was only 2½ weeks old!


Along with showing her 4-H goats at the Hartford Fair, she is also an Advisor of 4 Paws 4-H Dog Club and has shown her dogs, Mia & Emma, since they were puppies.  When Sarah has a moment of quiet, she spends it with family and friends, or by reading.


Maria grew up in California, but moved to Ohio in 1992.  She has a passion for helping animals, and came to us from the Licking County Humane Society with a lot of animal knowledge and skill.  Maria is also a retired U.S. Navy Chief, serving 20 years of combined active and reserve duty.


Maria's husband, Bob, is an avid gardener, and they grow their own hay and manage a small farm together.  They have a combined family of 4 adult children and 5 grand-kids.  Their animal "kids" include KC, a Tennessee Walker horse and Bella, the Rocky Mountain horse; 3 dogs named Remy, the Multi-poo, and 2 Great Pyrenees brothers named Smith & Wesson.  Their garden benefits from the 15 chickens they have to eat bugs, which Maria calls her little  Pterodactyls.


Maria loves being outdoors running, bicycling, hiking, horse-back riding, or riding her iron horse, Harley ;) 


Jamie joined our team in 2021.  You may see Jamie during appointments at either of our locations, and she also helps at the front desk at both Clinics when needed.  She enjoys working with "challenging" cats ... and especially loves black cats.  Her pets at home include 2 dogs, Diesel the Old English Bulldog and Uriah the Boxer, and 3 cats named Sheba, Herbie & Sin.  Jamie bought Sheba when she was working at her first job in Petland many years ago, and she is now a senior citizen at 20 years old!  She acquired Herbie when he was left on the doorstep of her last Veterinarian, and Sin is a beautiful long-haired black cat born on Friday the 13th.

Jamie recently married her long-time love, Matt, in 2020 during the beginning of the Covid crisis.  Together with Matt's daughter's Macy & Alexis, they enjoy traveling to the beach, bowling, skating, going to concerts, fishing and boating ... and she especially loves riding her motorcyc

Interestingly, Jamie is a fan of paranormal activity because she grew up with a ghost in her Grandparents' home!




Front Desk & Reception


Annette  is one of the first smiling faces you may see when you walk through the doors at our Hebron location.  She knows most of our clients on a first-name basis and has formed many friendships throughout her 20+ years with us.  She has many duties behind the scenes that keep us running smoothly, including the finances for our entire Clinic.

She and her husband, Pat, have been happily married for over 25 years. Together, they have 4 adult children, Casey, Justin, Leslie and Shane. They also have 7 beautiful grandchildren that they love spending time with.


Annette and Pat share their lives with 2 spoiled cats named Quinn & Clancy, and 2 happy dogs named Blair & Flo inside their home.  Outside the house, they have 2 rescued horses named Nickie & Rocco living out their lives in luxury.


Laura works part-time in both our Hebron & Pataskala locations as Receptionist.  In addition to interacting with clients and their pets at the front desk, she also keeps our website, Facebook & Instagram pages updated with news, information and photos.

She and her husband Brian, have one son, Lathen, who is currently attending The Ohio State University.  On her days off, Laura is usually at home caring for her small herd of Nigerian Dwarf goats.  In addition to the goats, they have a Pyrenees mix named Boyd that watches over the herd.  She has a Quarter Horse mare that was born on their farm, 2 additional rescue dogs, 8 rescued cats, and 2 pet ducks named Tyra Banks and Naomi (khaki) Campbell.  Tyra was incubated & hatched from an egg that Dr. Laing's ducks produced.

When Laura isn't in the barn, she relaxes by rug-hooking or traveling with family whenever time permits.


Troi joined our RCVS family to work double-duty at the front desk in our Hebron office, and also at our Pataskala facility.

Troi and her husband, Allan, have one daughter named Ashley, that is completely horse-crazy and loves to show in 4-H & youth shows.  Their horse family includes 2 elderly horses named Stormy & Mariah that Troi has had since their birth 27 years ago.  They also have a 13-year old Quarter Horse named Zippee that Ashley rides and trains with.  Their only non-equine member of the family is a Miniature Aussie named Hercules.

When she's not working or helping as her daughter's 4-H Club Advisor, Troi is reading, cleaning horse stalls, or just spending time with her family.


Pataskala Staff


Jodi is the Kennel Manager and Professional Groomer at our Pataskala location, but she also doubles as a Veterinary Assistant during Veterinarian exams when needed.  She was born with a passion for horses and grew up competing in Barrel Racing and 4-H.  Jodi then moved on to Team Roping until she retired her roping horse.  She is now riding a mare named Moonshine that she enjoys showing in Ranch Riding competitions.  When she is not working, or on the back of a horse, you’ll find her cheering for The Ohio State Buckeyes or outside in the barn.

Jodi is married to Dr. Samantha Coe, and together they have a young son named Grayson, and a "daughter" named Callie, that just happens to be an Australian Cattle Dog  :)

They have a small farm where they raise some Hereford cattle and keep a few rescued cats on mousing duty.



Mickenzie works with us in our Hebron and Pataskala locations and helps us with everything from checking in clients for their appointments, to helping as a Veterinary Assistant during their Doctor exams.  She is currently studying to be a Veterinary Technician. 

Her sister Mickayla also works with us in the summer months, and they have 2 younger brothers as well.  At home, Mickenzie enjoys her best friend dog, Baron, whom she's had since she was 5 years old, along with Moon, their newest rescue dog.  She also loves her 3 rescued cats, a pet hamster, a pet rabbit, a few fish, and a pet snake named Amos.

Mickenzie and her boyfriend Chase have dated since the 8th grade, and they love spending time together when she's not too busy with work or studies.


Mickayla helps us at the Pataskala location whenever she is available between her classes as a Biology Major at Muskingum University.

She doesn't have much spare time between work and school, but Mickayla enjoys working out or spending time with her 3 younger siblings, and also plays softball at Muskingum when she can.

Of course, she is an animal-lover and has 2 dogs and 3 cats of her own.  Her dog Moon, was rescued from a shelter while she was pregnant.  Both of her dogs, Baron & Moon, love car rides and going for walks.  All of her cats are also rescued.  Salem came from Licking County Humane Society, Newbie was a barn cat that now enjoys living in the house, and Ash was found starving along the side of a road, but is now living the life of luxury.


Sage lives at home with her parents and 4 siblings, Samuel, Olive, Pearl & Willow.  She is currently a Junior in High School, and is also taking some college courses at Mount Vernon University.  Sage works at our Pataskala front desk and helps maintain our busy Boarding and Grooming schedule.  She loves taking care of the boarding dogs while they're with us.

Sage's family loves all kinds of animals, and they have several fish, a Leopard Gecko, a Gerbil named Walnut, and a beautiful black Labrador named Gracie that they got from friends when their dog had puppies. 

Sage has dual citizenship in America & Canada because her mom is Canadian.  She likes to crochet, sew and read in her free time.

Donna helps us keep the Boarding animals happy, exercised and fed.  She enjoys all animals, but especially loves dogs.


Donna shares her home life with husband Mark, and their 2 dogs, Sammy the Golden Retriever and Alli, the Border Collie.  They also have 2 adult children, a son & daughter, that they enjoy spending time with whenever possible.


When she can get outside, Donna loves to hike or just be outdoors with the dogs.  When she has to be cooped up inside, she'll spend her time scrapbooking or crafting. 




Adjunct Staff


Erin is a 2008 graduate of C-TEC of Licking County and works in our Hebron office a few days each week in charge of custodial services by cleaning our Lobby, keeping our trash from overflowing, and keeps the bathroom nice so it doesn't look like a herd of cattle ran through it.  She happens to be the resident cat-lover, and enjoys saying hello to all of the kitties in the hospital while she's working.

Family is the center of Erin’s life, and she lives at home with her parents and enjoys visiting her grandparents, her brother and his family, or going to school events to watch and cheer for her nephews, Ben & Jack.


When she is not enjoying her human family, Erin can be found with her dog, Bailey, or her 2 cats, Mr. Lew & Allie, both rescues.  She also loves to bake cookies or go to the movies with her friends.