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Announcements & Special Offers

during our bus
iness hours

[ the phone number for each clinic has texting capabilities ]

You may notice a
next bill

When you are scheduled with a Technician to perform certain professional services that don't require a Doctor visit, we are now charging a small fee for their professional skills,
knowledge, and 
time spent with your pet.


Our Clinics require a current
(aka, Kennel Cough)
for all dogs staying with us for Boarding or Grooming services.
The vaccine must be given at least 5 days prior to your visit.


is it time to ask us about


for your cat? 

If your cat seems to be moving slower, and not jumping or playing as much as normal, you may want to ask us if Solensia may be an option for your little friend.

OA (osteoarthritis) is a type of arthritis that causes the bones to rub against each other because the protective tissue is worn down, causing chronic pain that can become severe without treatment.  

If you think your cat may be suffering from OA pain, please talk to our Doctors at your next visit, or call to schedule an appointment for evaluation.

Check this link if you would like to learn more about this new monthly treatment option:


We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause,
but the Petly site
will no longer be connected to our Clinic after June 30th.


Rewards = Cash Back

Get rewarded for doing something you're already doing . . . taking care of your pet!


Sign up for the Zoetis Rewards Program when you purchase any Zoetis product from us, your Veterinarian.  Your Zoetis credit card will be mailed to you, and automatically loaded with rewards cash after you send proof of purchase.  Bring the card anytime you visit our Clinic and you may spend that money for any product or service.  


Sign up today at

6 mo. 1 dose.jpg

Heartworm disease is a serious, potentially deadly illness that can affect any dog, anytime, anywhere.  It is found in all 50 states, and all it takes is one mosquito bite.  Heartworm disease is treatable, but it takes a physical and emotional toll on both the affected dog and their humans, not to mention the monetary toll.

Now, you can protect your dog with a single dose every 6 months!

ProHeart 6 is an injectable heartworm prevention that gives 6 months of uninterrupted protection for your dog, and peace of mind for you.

        If this cartoon depicts your monthly routine accurately, ProHeart6

        injectable prevention may be the perfect solution for you and your pet!

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