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End of Life Care

Here at Refugee Canyon, we understand entering into the last phases of your pet’s life can be extremely difficult.  Rest assured that our staff is here to help both you and your pet in this difficult time. 


Our Veterinarians are trained to counsel you on what to expect based upon your pet’s illness and quality of life issues at any stage of an illness.  We can help you weigh the options of further diagnostics and treatment vs. hospice care to keep your pet comfortable for as long as possible, and when the time comes for considering euthanasia, we can help you with that decision as well.

We provide a very caring atmosphere at both of our Clinics when it's time to let your pet go peacefully with you, their family, by their side.  Our goal is to allow you and your pet to approach this chapter with dignity and compassion.

If you would like us to perform at-home euthanasia for your pet, you'll need to call us and have this scheduled with our Ambulatory Doctor.  Please understand it may not be feasible in cases of emergency, or for those pets that need immediate relief.


Further, we cannot perform any at-home services after hours, or on emergency, if you are not an existing client.







Pet Loss Support Page

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