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Since 1988,

Refugee Canyon has been providing quality veterinary health care, grooming, and boarding services to the community.  With four full-time veterinarians and a supportive staff, Refugee Canyon stays on the cutting edge of veterinary care and continues to learn, educate, and grow.

Our RCVS Team strives to maintain long-term relationships with patients and clients, so you can be sure your faithful companions are taken care of by someone you know and trust.  Refugee Canyon provides state-of-the-art, individual care combined with loving concern and attention to make you and your pet’s visit as stress free and easy as possible.

Ragdoll Cat


Regarding COVID-19

Protocols & Procedures

(updated march, 2024)

PLEASE CONTINUE TO CALL or TEXT per the number on the signs in front of each parking space when you arrive to check in for your appointment at both Hebron & Pataskala locations so we can let you know if we have a room clean and available for your appointment.


We will not use our Lobbies as waiting areas, and kindly ask you to remain in your vehicle upon arrival.  While waiting for your room to become available, you may take your dog for a walk in designated areas, but remain in sight of the front door if we come to find you.

Please NOTE:  You WILL be asked to Stay In Your Vehicle if your animal is a risk to other clients or pets in any capacity,  i.e.,  Contagious / Protective of Owner / Not Animal Friendly / etc.


In addition to assuring our exam rooms are cleaned and ready for each appointment, keeping our Lobbies clear of pets & clients ensures we help the next person in the order of their appointment time, and will also maintain distance between dogs that otherwise may put themselves and their owners at risk for a confrontation.

If your pet is seeing a Technician for a procedure that doesn't require a Doctor, you may still need to remain in your vehicle until a room becomes available, so call or text upon arrival for specific direction.

If you're picking up a prescription, you may come in as long as you do not have your animal with you, but if the Lobby is full upon arrival, go ahead and call or text us for specific direction.

All Veterinarian Exams, Boarding and Grooming Services are done by appointment only.



Our Mission Statement 


The entire staff at Refugee Canyon Veterinary Services strives to provide quality medical care for all of our clients’ animals, and to meet their needs in a professional and friendly manner, by serving them as we would wish to be served.

Further, may we always remember that our thoughts become words, our words become actions, our actions become habits, our habits become our character, and our character becomes our destiny — and WE control that destiny! 


We Accept ALL Major Credit Cards, Cash and Care Credit

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